Underfloor Heating Diy

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Who are we? We are firstly a company supply and sells Underfloor Heating products to the public and on our online website, as well as helping with installation guides

Where is the shop situated? Customers will find us at 238 Beyers Naude Road, Johannesburg.

What is Under Tile Heating? It is a system of energy-efficient heating elements under your floor surface.

Where can under-tile heating be installed? It can be installed under wooden floors, carpets, tiles, screeds, etc. Furthermore, it can also be used for animal farming and plant nurseries.

How does this heating system work? This is an electrical heating system that warms the floor and as a result, creates an ambient room temperature.

Is it easy to use? As can be seen. Yes, it is !! You will preset the thermostat which will regulate the temperature of the room or floor surface.

Is it economical?  Above all, yes, it is, more so than conventional heating, especially when used with a programmable thermostat.

How do I calculate running costs? The formula we use is:  kw x hours x Eskom rate = ZAR

What are the benefits of underfloor heating in contrast to conventional heating? This heating system is healthy and environmentally friendly hence, it does not dry the air nor produce any flames. It is completely safe with no exposure to heating elements or flames and is waterproof.

Do I need to use a specific thermostat? You will find a wide range of energy-efficient consumption thermostats, suitable for all floor surfaces.

Underfloor Heating D I Y

Heater and thermostat special
Heater and thermostat special

Another key point, is it easy to install by myself?  Is important to realize that the  D I Y under tile heating mesh mats and under carpet heating mats are very easy to install. The method is simple, roll out mats, and lay floor surface.

How do I know which heaters to purchase? Please refer to https://www.underfloorheating.joburg/price/

Where do we distribute? We distribute nationwide and internationally. We are situated in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town

After purchase, how long to expect delivery? Nationwide is 2 to 3 days as soon as payment reflects in our account.

How to proceed with installation?  Finally, check the installation demonstration video 

Contact us at: info@underfloorheating.joburg