Thermostats with probe AC308

Elegant-looking and highly reliable probe thermostat.

Thermostats analogue with a probe
Thermostats analogue with a probe


Probe thermostat AC308:

Voltage: AC230V   Power consumption: 5W

Setting range: 5Degrees Celsius ~40Degrees Celsius

Switching differential: +-0.5K

ambient temperature: -5 Degrees Celsius ~ 50 Degrees Celsius

Protective housing: IP20

Housing material: Anti-flammable PC

Floor sensor: Rubber-Thermoplastic NTC sensor, the Cable length is 3m

Analogue thermostat 16 Amps

This thermostat is perfect for existing houses because it can be surface mounted and connected to a plug, thus, no electrician will be required.

Analogue thermostat 16 Amps
Thermostat 16 Amps




LED status indications, on or off.
Operating Voltage: 230v
Switch Current Rating: 16amps
Air Sensor

Heating Thermostat H3082

The dual probe or Air thermostat. Perfect for use with any type of underfloor heating, or in heating applications for reptile cages, germination, etc. Easy to use and extremely reliable.

Heating Thermostat H3082

Voltage: 230V AC. %0/60Hz                                                    Switching differential: +- 1 Degree Celsius

Load current: 3A/16A                                                                Ambient Temperature: -5 – 50 Degrees Celsius

Power consumption: <2VA                                                       Protective housing: IP20

Temperature setting range: 5-40 degrees Celsius                housing material: Anti-flammable PC

Outer sensor: B=3950 10K@25 degrees Celsius                    Dimensions: (H/W/D): 86/86/41mm


Programmable Thermostat 819H

Programmable Thermostat 819H. This elegant and neat-looking thermostat is a beautiful addition to any modern home. Thanks to its programming capabilities, it works as an energy-saving device as well. 

Programmable Thermostat 819H
Programmable Thermostat 819H

Parameter of Programmable Thermostat 819H

In contrast with other thermostats, this model has dual functions.

Voltage: 220V, 50/60HZ      Current: Imax3A/16A
Power consumption: ~1W

Sensor: NTC            Switch differential: 1 degree

Setting range: 5 degrees – 35 degrees
External limitation: 20 – 60 degrees (external sensor)

Function:  Three modes for Programmable Thermostat

Touch Screen Thermostat AC860H

Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat. The elegant black face and super bright LED display make this thermostat a beautiful addition to any modern home.

Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat
Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat

Voltage: 220VAC
Power consumption: <2W
Dead zone temperature: 0.5~5 Degrees Celsius (adjustable)
Limitation setting: 20~80 Degrees Celsius (external sensor)
Sensor: NTC
Current: 860RH (water radiant) 5A
860H (electric) 16A/20A
Control range: 5.0~45.0 Degrees Celsius
Accuracy: +-1 Degree Celsius

Underfloor Heating Programmable Thermostat

Programmable Underfloor Heating Thermostat. The beautiful round LED display makes this thermostat a unique addition to any underfloor heating system. ( picture with 4×2 plate only for example)

  • Load current: 16Amps
  • Power consumption: <1W
  • Temperature switch deviation: 1 Degree Celsius (0.5~10 Degrees Celsius Adjustable)
  • Control range: 5 Degree Celsius ~ 45 Degrees Celsius (35~99 Degrees Celsius Adjustable)
  • Voltage: 220VAC ~ 50/60Hz

WiFi 7 days Programmable Thermostat

Wifi-Thermostat Programmable
Wifi-Thermostat Programmable

WIFI 7 days programmable thermostat floor or air sensor. Very eco-friendly, hence it reduces your consumption costs. Lastly, it is fully programmable.
Therefore you can tailor it to suit your needs and lifestyle


1. Including Built-in sensor and external sensor.
2. 0.5 degrees accuracy keeps Temperature within the level you set.
3. Children lock to prevent misoperation by children.
4. Data Memory when power is off.
5. Holiday mode makes you enjoy a more comfortable temperature on holiday.
6. The Temperature of the external sensor can be checked.
Product specifications
1. Power 90-230 Vac 50/60Hz
2. Display accuracy: 0.5 degrees
3. Probe sensor : NTC(10k) 1%
4. Contact capacity : 3A/ (WW);16A/(WE)
5. Limit Temperature range: 1~70 degrees
6. Range of temperature adjustment: 5~35 degrees
7. Range of Thermostat display: 1~70 degrees
8. Insulating Condition: Normal environment
9. Running Program: Set once a week as a cycle
10. Output: Switch relay
11. Installation- Recessed Type (in the wall)
12. Size (mm): 86 x 86 x 27

Description of icon

1. Hand – Manual mode
2. Rotating arrows – Programmable mode
3. Bag -Holiday mode
4. Heatwave – The heating icon, Icon disappear when the Heating stops.
5. Wi-Fi symbol- Wifi connection flashing EZ distribution mode.
6. Wifi Symbol with X – Wi-Fi Disconnected.
7. Rotating arrows and Finger up Temporary Manual Control.
8. Lock symbol – Child lock.
9. Cloud icon- Network mode.

Wi-Fi Thermostat Programmable 829H

WiFi Thermostat
WiFi Thermostat

Wi-Fi Thermostat
Intelligent Heating Temperature Thermostat Controller with weekly Programming function, it can be
set 6 period times and the corresponding setting temperature per day. You can also choose manual
control or temporary control mode of operation. With the unique far-away control function, simple
operation, energy saving, and environmental protection, This Thermostat can be suitable for Electric
Heating equipment control and Water system Heating electric drive valve control.

1. Download the app “SMART LIFE” or “ TUYA SMART” on your app store.
2. After downloading the app click add device or + in the upper right corner of the app.
3. Select the Thermostat in the small home application.
4. Long press Thermostat Until the Wi-Fi symbol shows it will be flashing then click confirm until the
Wi-Fi Symbol is rapidly blinking.
5. Enter your Wi-Fi Password and click next and continue to pair your devices.
6. Wait a few seconds until your device is paired successfully click complete.
7. Click “Program” for more weekly program settings.
8. Click week Program to enter your program settings.
9. Set your Time and Temperature.
10. Click settings for more setting options.
11. Choose the option you need to set the Thermostat.
12. Click the top right corner to get device information.
13. Click the parameters that need to be changed for settings.
14. Click ON/OFF to turn your device on and off.

How thermostat works ?

There are many different kinds of Thermostats they can be mechanical or electronic, The most commonly used Thermostat nowadays are electronic ones.

The main function of the Thermostat is to switch off the power at the desired temperature that has been preset in any kind of heating system 

What is thermostat used for?

Our Thermostats can be used for many things for example Underfloor Heating, Undercarpet Heating, Woodenfloor Heating, Greenhouses, Farming and many other ways that need to be temperature controlled.

What do you need to know before you buy a smart thermostat?

Firstly-Be sure that it is compatible with the system that you have or the system that you are going to purchase.

Secondly-You will need to have a Wi-Fi connection and connect it to the App.

Thermostats and even more !!!

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