Easy installation and operation: Energy Saving. Perfect for use     with any of our underfloor heating products.


1. Room temperature set 2.LED indication ( power and working status ) 3.On/Off control 4.Double Temperature,double control.


1. Sensing Element   2. Load current: < 16 A ( resistance )

3. Accuracy: +- 1.5*c > 6 A ( inductive )   4. Set-Point Range (room): 5-30*c    

5. Operating rating: 0-45*c   6. Housing: ABS + PC Flame Retardant

7.Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 33mm

 HA303-DIGITAL THERMOSTAT- (Sorry no stock )



SPECIFICATIONS  –1. Sensing Element  

2. Switch current rating:<16A ( resistance )  –3.Display: LCD< 6A ( inductive load ) 

4. Power supply: AC85-260V.  –5. Set-point range: Room: 5*c – 35*c. 

6. Accuracy:+- 1*c   –7. Housing: ABS + PC Flame Retardant 

8. Button Touch Pad  –9. Energy Saving.


NB. This is an example of how to fit Our thermostats into a 4 x 4 box with a 20amp double pole isolator.



BASIC FUNCTIONS- Over ride / Timing On/Off  – Blue backlight – 7 day programmable thermostat.

SPECIFICATIONS   –1. Sensing element   –2.Switch current rating:<16A ( resistance ) 

3. Display: LCD: >6A ( inductive)  –4. Power consumption:<2W  

5. Dimensions: 86x86x13mm ( WxHxD) –6. Set Point Range: Room: 5-35*c 

7. Housing: ABS + PC Flame Retardant –8. Accuracy: +-1*c  

 9. Button: Touch Pad.


NB. This is an example of Our thermostat, fitted with an original plate, into a 4 x 2 box.



Our energy saving, motion sensor, programmable thermostat, features an Ultra slim “one key” design. Firstly,it is equipped with the latest infrared motion sensing technology. Thus, it automatically detects the approach of a human body. Secondly, the elegant panel has an eco-energy saving mode. Hence it reduces your  consumption costs. Lastly, it is fully programmable.
Therefor you can tailor it to suit your needs and lifestyle.

We are distributors of all Underfloor Heating DIY materials. Welcome to our safe and secure online shop. Firstly, we not only sell directly to the public, but we provide professional installation services as well. Secondly,  we do repairs to under floor heating and replace old or damaged thermostats. We supply the latest energy saving thermostats. Thus our products will not cost you a lot to run.


All of the thermostats that we stock and supply are of the highest industry standards. Thus, you can be confident that you are purchasing a high quality product. The thermostats that we supply not only function as an energy saving device, but due to their elegant appearance, they look good in any home environment. Browsing through our range you will see that we stock a wide variety of different thermostats. Firstly, we stock both Air and Probe sensor thermostats. Secondly, we have flush or surface mount thermostats. Thus, even in a replacement scenario, we have a product that will work for you. Hence, we have the perfect product for any situation.

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