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Why is Under Floor Heating the best form of heating ?

Floor Heating
Floor Heating

Why is Under Floor Heating the best form of heating?

How effective are conventional heaters?

Conventional electric or gas heaters does not distribute heat evenly. These kind of heaters create cold and hot spots in the room. From where your heater is positioned, heat would rise up directly.  So, in essence, the heat would rise straight up from the source. This would result in heat accumulating in the roof, causing  hot and cold spots. The heat would only be felt when you are close to the heater.

It’s similar to standing around a fire, you only feel the heat when you are close to the fire. These types of heaters also dries the air, so not suitable for allergy, asthma sufferers and those who suffer headaches.

The benefits of underfloor heating.

Under floor heating is the best form of heating  because it is installed underneath the floor surface, covering 60% of the floor surface, resulting in  heat rising uniformly.

Underfloor heating is a durable heating system that heats your home effectively and efficiently with no maintenance required.
A uniform heat rises resulting in the entire room heating up. There will be no hot or cold spots. Ensure that the rooms are well insulated to maintain efficient running costs. Installing a modern energy saving thermostat also helps with consumption and managing your under floor heating.
The heating system is laid directly beneath your floor surface so there are no exposed wires making it the safest way to heat your home.
The heating system is controlled via a thermostat ( analogue, digital or programmable ), so you can choose the most comfortable temperature for you.
Underfloor heating can be installed under any floor surface. The most durable being tiles as it is a better conductor of heat.
This heating system is suitable for carpets, laminate floors, engineered wood, marble and tiles.