WiFi Programmable Thermostat


WiFi Programmable Thermostat

16 Amps WiFi thermostat. Easy to use once the app is installed on your phone. Can be managed and controlled from anywhere.

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WiFi Floor Heating Thermostat

WiFi Programmable Thermostat is an Intelligent Heating Temperature Controller with WiFi capabilities. It has a weekly programmable function which has 6 settings per day for the week and settings roll over to the next week, etc. You can also choose manual control or temporary control mode of operation. With the unique far-away control function, the operation is simple, energy saving and environment-friendly. This thermostat is suitable for electric heating equipment controls and water radiant floor heating systems.
In this fast-paced life we live, with technology ever-changing, this WiFi thermostat is completely in tune with the times. Wherever and whenever you are, you are able to adjust the settings on the thermostat.

By installing an app on your phone and you are able to remotely manage the thermostat. Being able to remotely manage this thermostat gives you more time and space to pay attention to other things you would like to do. To be able to change the temperatures and times from your phone is so convenient. The app is so easy to use, which makes it user-friendly. The thermostat can be fitted on a 2 x 4 back plate as well as a 4 x 4 back plate. It is a very aesthetically pleasing thermostat with a control range of up to 45 degrees. It can also be adjusted to 95 degrees C. That means that this thermostat can be used for various applications.

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16 amps
220 volts
Wi Fi


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