Undertile heating screed (for collection only)


The most user friendly screed compound.

Easy for the DIY person to use, just mix with water, as compared to mixing of bonding liquid and self leveling screed, life made easy.

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Undertile heating screed
Undertile heating screed

For Collection Only.


Undertile heating screed is designed to be used over your undertile heating installation.

Due to its self leveling nature, it leaves the floor with an even texture and surface. Hence, it ensures that flooring such as laminates, tiles, vinyl etc are easily installed over the heating mats or cables.

Installation process with the undertile heating screed is as follows:

Firstly, you will either lay the pre-woven underfloor heating mat, or the loose elements bought from JC Heat 2 Tile. Secondly, if you are using the loose element, you will lay a blanket of hessian cloth over the elements. Wet the hessian with a splash or so of water to make it mould around the elements. Lastly, you will pour the self leveling screed compound over the installation. Smooth it out with a brush so as to ensure that the floor surface is left level. Let the compound dry fully.

You can now install your flooring of choice over the heating installation.

In the case of using the pre-woven heating mat, the hessian is not necessary. Simply pour the screed compound over as you would in the previous instructions.

This product is both sturdy once dry, and easy to work with.

Does it come with any instructions?:

We have an online instructional video that will demonstrate how to do a full installation. You can also contact our office at any stage should you have any queries about your installation.

Please note that the screed compound is for collection only. Hence we do not ship this product. Should collection not be an option for you, many substitutes can be found at your local hardware. Simply give us a call and we can advice you as to what to purchase for your installation.

Please contact us via one of our many social media platforms, alternatively, give us a call or a whatsapp should you have any inquiries about any of our products!

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