Underfloor heating repair kit


Repair Kit consisting of uninsulated boot ferrels and heat shrink.

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Underfloor heating repair kit
Underfloor heating repair kit


Accident can and do happen whilst installing your underfloor heating. Firstly, we supply a monitor alarm. This will sound an alarm if you damage the cable during the installation of tiling process. Once you have detected where the break in your cable is, it is easily fixed with our underfloor heating repair kit.

This kit consists of ferrels and heat-shrink. Simply crimp the broken piece together using the ferrel, then seal the repair with the heat-shrink. When you do this properly, your element will have perfect continuity again. Thus the repair will last the lifetime of the element.

Should you have a situation where there are many breaks in the cable, please contact us for advice. In some scenarios where there are too many breaks, it is not advisable to repair the cable, as you will change the resistance of the element. This is only in dire situations and not the norm.

Browsing through our store, you will see that we also supply a fault tracing machine. This can be used to locate a break in the cable once the flooring has already been laid. Once you have located the break, you can then fix it using the repair kit.

We advice that professional installers always keep a repair kit handy for if/when accidents happen.

A bit about our company:

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