Under Carpet Heating 300 W 1,7 Mtrs x 1 Mtrs


Under Carpet Heating 300 W 1,7 Mtrs x 1 Mtrs
For a small room, or under the desk or like a pet heater

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Under Carpet Heating 300 W

Our Under Carpet Heating 300 W -1.7mtrs x 1 meter is a great product when it comes to Heating and keeping
warm this mat can be placed or laid under a loose carpet or rug.

This specific size can fit perfectly under a work desk or in a small area it is best to place this mat where it will be used the most.
JC HEAT 2 TILE has newly manufactured this heating mat to fit perfectly into smaller areas or just to use to keep your feet warm.

This Under Carpet Heating 300 W  – 1.7mtrs x 1mtrs  can also be used for cat and dog beds as well as a kid’s playtime mat for extra comfort and warmth.
Please be sure to always use a loose rug or carpet over these heaters before putting your pets or kids on them, apart from that these heaters are super easy to connect and install as it is a DIY system please also note that it is best not to place any heavy furniture or objects on top of these heaters like boxes or solid bases as it is possible that it can damage the carpets.

With this Under Carpet Heating 300 W, you can either buy a Thermostat which we have a wide variety in store or you can connect it straight to a plug and it is ready to be used, it is better to go with a Thermostat but it is all your choice which works better for you


1 review for Under Carpet Heating 300 W 1,7 Mtrs x 1 Mtrs

  1. juanca2014

    The under carpet fits perfectly under my desk, thank you.

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