Under Carpet Heating 1,2 Kw


Under Carpet Heating 1,2 kW. Perfect for an area of roughly 13/15m2 of wall-to-wall room space. Our under-carpet units are durable, safe, and highly effective.

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Under-Carpet-Heating 1,2 kw


Tell us more about your heating.

Under Carpet Heating 1.2KW mats are manufactured at J C Heat 2 Tile. We supply our heaters to professional installers and as a D.I.Y product to private customers. Hence, you can buy directly from us for private use. We provide installation services as well. Our product is easy to install under existing or new carpets. Furthermore, it can also be installed under loose rugs. The mats come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Hence they fit into any room.

Where does the heating go?

The Under Carpet Heating 1.2KW mat is put between the carpet and the underfelt. Your installation is done while you are in the process of laying your carpets. The units are put in the open walking area of the room.

Do the heaters go under the furniture?

Heavy furniture should not be put on top of the heaters. Consequently, it could damage your carpets. Except for foam-backed and rubber carpets, heaters can be installed under any carpet.
Our under-carpet systems are safety tested and completely waterproof.

We supply all materials you will for DIY underfloor heating.
Our system can be used under tiles, under carpets, underwood, screed, and most floor surfaces. Our heating elements and range of energy-saving thermostats are distributed Nationwide. Hence the rest of the materials needed for D I Y can be bought at any hardware store, like hessian, bonding liquid, and self-levelling screed.

What thermostats do we supply? What thermostats are available?

At J C Heat 2 Tile, Analogue, Digital, Programmable, and High Tech Motion Sensors are all available. In addition, these can be surface or flush-mounted.
Flush-mounted thermostats fit onto a 4 x 2 box or a 4 x 4 box.
Surface-mounted thermostats are mounted directly on the wall. Hence boxes are not required as they plug in directly to your plug point.

In conclusion, our heating systems are very versatile. You can also use them for various farming methods. IE:  crocodile farming, chicken farming, nurseries or any environment that needs to be temperature controlled.

We are a one-stop heating shop.










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