Under Carpet Heating 1.5KW Bed-set


Under carpet heating bed set 1,5 Kw.

Thanks to its innovative U-Shape design, this fits perfectly around your bed and ensures that there are no cold spots on the carpet and under foot. 

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Under Carpet Heating Mat

Under-carpet heating 1.5KW bed-set. A perfect solution for your bedroom.


Our under-carpet heating 1.5KW bed-set is designed for your bedroom. Firstly its design makes a perfect u-shape around your bed. Hence you will feel the heating as you step out of bed.


Our under carpet units have a Teflon coated element. The element is set inside an aluminum blanket. The heating mat is put on top of the under-felt and then the carpet goes on top.  The unit shouldn’t go under any furniture. hence the units are designed to go around your furniture.


How to install the under carpet heating:


Firstly, lay the under felt on the floor in the room. secondly put the under carpet unit in position. stick the unit down with some tape to stop any movement. There is a connection block on the corner of the heating unit. make a V shape cut into the under felt and tuck the connection block into the cut. Now make a cut from the corner of the unit where the electrical cable is attached, all the way along to the thermostat point. Thus you will tuck the cord into the under felt. This means that you wont feel the cord when you walk on the carpet. once you have installed all the heating units, lay the carpet as you normally would. Lastly, when the carpet is fully installed, connect your heating to the thermostat.


Tips and tricks for under carpet heating:


you dont have to worry if you spill something on the carpet or the carpet gets wet. Our heating is 100% waterproof. Let the carpet dry naturally before you turn the heating on again. this is to make sure that the heat from the unit will not make the wet carpet omit a smell.


Order your under carpet heating today and feel the difference!


The under carpet heating can be connected to the thermostats we supply. All our digital thermostats are designed to save money when running your underfloor heating. We have a YouTube tutorial that will explain how to connect and program your thermostat. You can watch it here


our under carpet units can be used under a loose laid rug. firstly you put the heating onto some under felt. secondly stick it down with some tape and put your rug on top. lastly plug the unit in when you need it and unplug it when you are not using it. a thermostat is not necessary with a loose laid rug heater.





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