Touch Screen Thermostat Black


Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat. Elegant black face and super bright L.E.D display makes this thermostat a beautiful addition to any modern home.

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Touch Screen Thermostat AC860H

Touch Screen Thermostat Programmable in black
Touch Screen Thermostat Programmable in black

Touch Screen Thermostat

Our Touch Screen Thermostat Black is an energy-saving programmable thermostat. These clever Touch Screen Thermostats are able to save you on the running costs of your underfloor heating. Firstly, they can be programmed to come on when the heat in your home is most needed. Secondly, due to their slimline and modern design, they fit in perfectly to any home.

General product description of the Touch Screen Thermostat
The AC860H weekly digital thermostat uses an advanced internal microchip.
Thus, it is an intelligent little device. It has a beautiful LCD touchscreen. 6 different events can be set for every day of the week. You can select manual mode or programmable mode.
This thermostat can read the environment’s temperature either by an air sensor, or a probe sensor.
Thus, it can be used for any type of heating.
Hence, it takes all the guesswork out of your underfloor heating.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the specs of theĀ  AC860H thermostat:

Voltage: 220VAC
Power consumption: <2W
Dead zone temperature: 0.5~5 Degrees Celsius (adjustable)
Limitation setting: 20~80 Degrees Celsius (external sensor)
Sensor: NTC
Current: 860RH (water radiant) 5A
860H (electric) 16A/20A
Control range: 5.0~45.0 Degrees Celsius
Accuracy: +-1 Degree Celsius

Secondly, let’s have a look at the basic functions of the thermostat:

This thermostat has three different modes.
Manual mode, Programmable mode, and simultaneous display.
The in-depth description and explanation of these modes can be found on the brochure that comes with the thermostat.

We have a Youtube video that will explain exactly how to program and set your thermostat.
Have a look at the video and you will see just how powerful this little thermostat is.

In conclusion, this thermostat not only looks beautiful but functions extremely well with all types of heating.


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  1. jc

    what an amazing and smart Thermostat so easy to use works perfect

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