Touch Screen Thermostat AC860H White


Beautiful touch screen thermostat with intelligent features. Programmable for separate days of the week, with  various different setting per day. Energy saving and smart with simplicity of use. Modern enough to fit in with the design of any home.

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Touch Screen Thermostat AC860H White
Touch Screen Thermostat AC860H White


What are the thermostats basic uses of the touch screen thermostat AC860H?:

Our touch screen thermostat AC860H can be used as a dual purpose thermostat. IE: it can be set to function as an air or a probe thermostat. Furthermore, it is designed to be used with underfloor heating as an energy saving device.

This beautiful thermostat has many different setting throughout the week. It is both pretty and practical. Due to its sleek and modern design, it will fit in with most new age decor.

What is the difference between an air and a probe thermostat?

An Air thermostat:

This thermostat setting will read the ambient temperature of the room that it is installed in. This is perfect for environments where you wish to control the actual air temperature and not the floor temperature of the area.

A probe thermostat:

This will read the actual floor temperature of the area that it is installed in. Thus, it is ideal and recommended for laminated wooden flooring, screed and when the thermostat is installed outside of the area that it is reading. (for instance, in a bathroom scenario)

All our thermostats are made to be either surface or flush mount. Flush mount thermostats must be placed inside  a 2×4 or 4×4 box, with direct lines from the D.B board. Thus, in a 2×4 or 4×4 scenario, your electrician will need to chase a box into the wall with direct lines form the DB board. Surface mount thermostats use the wall plug. Thus, you do not need to chase into the walls.

Firstly, all of the thermostats that we stock and supply, are energy saving. Secondly,  they are designed to cost you less whilst you are running your heating.
Due to the fact that we stick to an international guide line of 1KW of heating per every 10/12 m2 room space, our heating is designed to never cost you a lot to run.

in conjunction with our energy saving thermostats, your heating will always be an economical product to use.

Our thermostats are not only the top of the range, but also beautiful to look at.
Thus they will fit in perfectly with any home.





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