Solar DIY system, panel, inverter and battery

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Solar panel 100w

Charger, inverter

Battery 100 Ha

Solar DIY system

Hello to all our DIY Enthusiasts we have a special product for you we have made a Complete  Solar DIY system which is easy to Lay and use all you need is space and Sun which we all know in South Africa has plenty to share with us.

Firstly-Our Complete  Solar DIY system comes with everything you need including the Inverter, Battery, Solar Panel, connecting Wires, with Extension plus 3 Lights.

Secondly- The Solar DIY system is very light in weight and is easy to move around in the direction of the Sun.
Thirdly- The Solar DIY system is connected to the Inverter and Battery by a red and black wire of 6 Mtrs you can add on more wire if needed.
Lastly- Plug it in and Let the sun do the work Trust me you will have no more Boring days During Load-Shedding.

You can place it on the inside of your window if you stay in a small flat or if in your office just take it out of the window and place the panel in the garden to recharge the batteries.

It will still work as long as there is some sunlight hitting the  Solar DIY system.

The size of the panel is 55cm x 120cm which will fit perfectly on your windowsill this will ensure a good charge for your battery

Detailed Information about our Product

WHC Solar Panel
> Peak Power(Pmax)- 100w
>Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)- 21.24V
>Short Circuit Current (Isc)- 6.4A
>Peak Voltage (Vmp)- 17.5V
>Peak Current(Imp)- 5.71A
>Tolerance – +/-5%

>Output AC 220V
>Solar 18V – 600W(Max)
>Battery 12V- 300AH(Max)

> DC Constant Voltage Charge
>Cycle Use- 14.4-15.0V (25 Degrees Celcius)
>Standby Use – 13.5- 13.8V (25 Degrees Celcius)
> Initial Current 30.0A

Solar DIY system includes

switch) AND AN EXTENSION MEASURING 1.3METERS(makes it easier to plug anything in)

All in All our Complete Solar system makes it easy for anyone to use, there is no need to call anyone
to connect or wire anything for you because that is where we help.

Our system comes connected so it’s ready to be placed in a sunny place and used.
This Solar system can be used for many things, you can connect either your Television, Wi-Fi,
Computer, Laptop etc to this system and it will work !!!

Mostly choose the ones that you really need. Order online or collect in our office before its too late

Solar system DIY complete
Solar system DIY complete


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