Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece


Rug-carpet heating 2 piece 750watt

Best heater for a small room as it is cheap to use and this can be run with a solar system as it only uses 750watts or 3amps of power

Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece

-Here at JC HEAT 2 TILE we always have a Heating mat for any application, for instance, our Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece mat is something you cannot find anywhere else. This can also be run nicely with a solar system as it only uses 750watts or 3amps
-Our Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece mat can be used in different ways, you can either run it in a
straight line or you can place them next to each other depending on your application.
-as mentioned before it is a 750watt heater so it can be run with a 3pin plug if you would like to
control the heater though then the Thermostat would be your best bet this will help you keep full
control of your Heater and its temperature.
-The Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece measures 2.7 x 0.7mtrs per each rectangular piece making it easy to manoeuvre
around in any direction, you would like it to be placed.
-This Heater is perfect for a passage or for a small room where it would be easy to install.
-Our Aluminium 2 pieces can be installed under a fitted carpet or loose rug if you are laying it
under a loose rug, it can be used during winter and packed away during summer, it is a convenient
and easy mat to lay and pack away.
-Our heating mats are waterproof, But if you spill any type of liquid on them then we would advise
you to take the mat off and let the heater dry before using it again, if it is not completely dry and
you use it, it could smell really bad as the liquid would still be trapped.
-Our heaters are economically friendly and do not let out any fumes or harmful smells, it is
so much better than a bar heater.
-It is very cheap to run and will not give you a scare when your electricity bill comes back to
you, as this is a small and economical heater to run.
-Our Aluminium Heaters are safe for everybody including your pets and kids as long as the mat is
covered with a carpet or rug.

Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece

-This is the best and cheapest way to heat your home without having to spend a fortune, it is also
easy to lay and install.
-Unlike Bar Heaters our aluminium heaters distribute heat evenly, compared to a bar heater which
needs to be close to you to feel the heat, and it is a safety hazard for kids and animals.
-A good thing to also check or know is the type of insulation you have in your roof, the pink
insulation is best as this helps keep the room warm while your heater is on, the insulation helps the
heat bounce back, it will continue to circulate until you switch your heater off and it has cooled
-Ordering from us is very easy you can either order from us on our online shop or you are welcome
to pop into our admin office where we keep all stock on hand, we offer after-service help as well so
if you have any doubts we are always available to help.
-We also offer step-by-step instructions on how to connect and install your thermostat, if you are
going to install one.
-If you come into our offices, we do give basic information on any questions asked or on anything
you doubt about, we can always give an answer or a solution.
-If You order on our online website, you are more than welcome to contact us for any questions on
anything you are not sure about and we will always be there to help.

Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece
Rug-Carpet Heating 2 piece


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