Relay for underfloor heating


Relay for underfloor heating

220V to be used for 20Amps

Relay would carry the extra kilowatts of the underfloor heating thereby reducing the strain on the thermostat.

Thermostat’s maximum capacity is usually around 16amps.

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Relay for underfloor heating
Relay for underfloor heating


Relay for underfloor heating

This relay for underfloor heating is designed to be used in situations whereby your heating load is too high for the thermostat to carry.

Hence, if you have a large area with high kilowatts, you do not need to install an extra thermostat. A  Relay for underfloor heating helps to carry the extra load needed. Thus, your thermostat will not burn out.

A thermostat is generally designed to carry a maximum of 3kw of heating power. Firstly, in most homes, living areas such as lounges etc can be rather big. Therefore more than 3kw of heating may be needed for areas such as that. Secondly, it is costly and not always aesthetically pleasing to have a lot of thermostats all around the room. Hence, in situations like this, we advise you to use a Relay for underfloor heating.

Our relays are small enough that they can fit comfortably into the wall box of your thermostat. Thus they are neat and undetectable. When functioning, they are silent and will not be heard. These handy little devices really do save you a lot of money and frustration when it comes to heating a large area in your home.

As with all our DIY products, they are very straightforward and easy to install. If you are unsure as to whether or not you will need to connect a Relay for underfloor heating, simply send us a message or give us a call and we will advise you further. In really large areas that require a huge amount of heating, more than one thermostat may still be required.

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