Propagation seedling heating mat 2,2 Mtrs x 0,6 Mtrs


Propagation seedling heating mat 2,2 Mtrs x 0,6 Mtrs

Start germination in winter

30 degrees constant

Just add soil on top !!!

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Propagation seedling heating mat 2,2 Mtrs x 0,6 Mtrs

Welcome to JC HEAT 2 TILE we have the perfect heating solution for your seedlings

First, we Manufacture a Propagation seedling heat mat that will fit perfectly into any greenhouse, this will ensure your plants grow in a healthier and warmer environment.

The temperature change can highly affect your plant’s growth during winter and no one wants that for their products so this is where we
come in to help you with our Heating mats.

Our propagation seedling heating mats are high quality, efficient and waterproof, making this everything you need in one mat, it is straightforward to install.

Our Propagation seedling heating mats are made of insulation board which our Heating element is placed on top of and covered with a layer of Aluminium foil we add extra protective sheeting to make sure it is extra protected and above all is ready to be used!

Here is a little bit more information about our Propagation seedling heating mat

Secondly, our seedling mat sends heat up evenly from the top of the heating mat and into your seedlings tray due to the Insulation board barrier.

Most notably the heat will not travel downwards only upwards making your seed germination more noticeable so instead of having to wait to see which of your seedlings are popping up because the heat is distributed evenly and all your seedlings will grow at the same time and start showing from the soil.

What is the right temperature for seedling propagation?

The average temperature you should keep the Propagation seedling mat at is a Maximum of between 15-30 degrees C and 30-40 degrees C for perfect growth.

Keeping your plants warm in winter is the best thing you can do for them they will react in such a good way from the warmth of your Propagation seedling heat mat, lastly don’t forget to purchase a thermostat with your Heating mat to help you control the temperature of the areas in use.

Propagation seedling heating mat 2,2 Mtrs x 0,6 Mtrs
Propagation seedling heating mat 2,2 Mtrs x 0,6 Mtrs


Propagation seedling heating mat 2,2 Mtrs x 0,6 Mtrs

Heat Pads for growing plants this winter?

To all our Greenhouse seed germination and plant lovers it’s that time of the year when we need to think about our seedlings, this time we are here to completely satisfy our customers with our Propagation seedling Heat mats

This is perfectly fitting for greenhouses that are a certain size, they can be taken out and put away anytime when you are not using them.

Are you using Plant propagators or Greenhouse Propagators?

Well, our Propagation seedling heat mat will do an extra good job for you, why you may ask well once you have laid your Seedling Heat mat down you can easily place all your Plant propagator boxes right on top and let your plants start getting the Heat they need for winter.

Seedling Heat Mats South Africa

Our Propagation Heat mats are made and sold by us in Gauteng South Africa.

You can order online or come shop at our office, we always have stock on hand and yes we do courier so you can get it
delivered right to your door, we can inform you more about our Propagation seedling Heat mats if you have any questions

We are a Proudly South African company and we are not afraid to show it we love manufacturing products for our customers to keep you all happy and satisfied.

All our products are made with love and we have a lot of fun making them and creating new ideas to keep our clientele browsing our shop if you would like any other information on specific products we are happy to help.



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