Programmable Thermostat 819H


Programmable Thermostat 819H. This elegant and neat looking thermostat is a beautiful addition to any modern home. Thanks to its programming capabilities, it works as an energy saving device as well. 

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Programmable Thermostat 819H

User Manual

1. General:
First of all, the AC819 series heating thermostats are with weekly programmable cycle and LCD screen display function. Consequently, it can be set up six times a day with the corresponding set temperature
of the heating room temperature controller and also can choose the mode of manual control or temporary control. The thermostat is recommended for the control of electric underfloor heating and different uses where you need to control the temperature in a very effective and economical way.

Programmable Thermostat 819H
Programmable Thermostat 819H


Parameter of Programmable Thermostat 819H

In contrast with other thermostats, this model has a dual function.

Voltage: 220V, 50/60HZ

Current: Imax3A/16A/20A/30A (depend on choices)
Power consumption: ~1W

Sensor: NTC
Switch differential: 1 degree

Setting range: 5 degrees – 35 degrees
External limitation: 20 – 60 degrees (external sensor)

Accuracy: +-1 degree
Ambient condition: -5 – 50 degree

Function:  Three modes for Programmable Thermostat 819H

In manual mode, it can control the device manually.
Programmable mode, it can be controlled automatically by the set time and temperatures (with six different times & related temperatures). see below
Simultaneous display: For temporary control mode, Press the up and down arrow under the programming mode will change to this mode, and the device will come out of the
temporary current period time control and under the control of the manual mode and it will automatically return to the programming mode when the next period time comes.

(sun): wake up (am), event 1      (house): leave (am), event 2      (house): return (am), event 3
(house): leave(pm), event 4        (house): return(pm), event 5     (moon): sleep(pm) event 6

Locked, press the up and down arrows together for 5 seconds, the device locked, and press them again for another 5 seconds, and it will unlock.
Hence, the heating will switch on now.

Front key function:

Power button: On/off for the Programmable Thermostat 819H
Mode: to change to manual mode or programming mode
Clock button: Time, press this key in a short time to change the time setting. Minutes setting-hour setting-week setting, by pressing the clock button comes to the next step
arrow up and down for parameter up & down. After all, settings are completed, keep waiting for 10 seconds,  it will keep records.
Up and Down arrows: to increase or decrease.

Under the power on, press the clock and power together for 5 seconds, it comes to weekly programming mode and is set as the first period time setting from Monday
to Friday – the first-period temperature setting from Monday to Friday – the sixth-period time setting from Saturday to Sunday – the sixth-period temperature setting
from Saturday to Sunday.
Press the square button after every parameter setting then come to the next step for setting the flash parameter by means of up and down arrow keys. Each step lasts for 1 minute
and will keep a record in 10 seconds.

Finally, these settings will be saved in the memory and consequently, it rolls over until you change it.

Some of the benefits of a programmable thermostat are:

  • Saving money: A programmable thermostat can help you reduce your energy bills by automatically adjusting the temperature when you are away or asleep, avoiding unnecessary heating or cooling
  • A consistent temperature: A programmable thermostat can help you maintain a comfortable and consistent temperature in your home, preventing hot or cold spots and temperature fluctuations
  • Less time adjusting: A programmable thermostat can save you time and hassle by allowing you to set up a schedule that fits your routine and preferences, eliminating the need to manually change the temperature throughout the day. Some models also offer remote control options that let you adjust the temperature from anywhere.
  • Increasing your home’s efficiency: A programmable thermostat can help you improve your home’s efficiency by optimizing your heating and cooling cycles, ensuring that your HVAC system runs only when needed and at optimal levels. This can also extend the lifespan of your HVAC system and reduce maintenance costs.

For even more details, check for the following video.


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