Programmable 309H room thermostat


Programmable 309H room thermostat. Elegant, extremely functional and highly reliable. This energy saving thermostat, with its bright L.C.D display, is a welcome addition to any home.

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Programmable 309H room thermostat

Room programmable thermostat 309H
Programmable 309H room thermostat.


What is the maximum load that the programmable 309H room thermostat can handle?:

The programmable 309H room thermostat is rated at 16Amps maximum. Hence we recommend loading a maximum load of 3KW on to a single unit. For higher load requirements, you will need to use a relay with the thermostat. You can purchase a relay within our shop.

The 309H programmable thermostat, is a clean looking and highly functional thermostat. This thermostat can be mounted onto a 2×4 or 4×4 wall plate.

What type of areas/products is this designed for?:

This thermostat can be used as an AIR(A-mode), PROBE(F-mode), or DUAL FUNCTION(AF-mode) thermostat. A description of the differences is as follows:

FIRSTLY, AIR(A): The thermostat will read the temperature of the ambient air in the area that it is placed in. This is advised for use in general heating installations.

SECONDLY, PROBE(F): The thermostat will read the temperature of the floor surface that it is connected to. This is advised in under wood installations as well as installations where the thermostat is installed OUTSIDE of the area that you wish to control. IE: bathroom scenarios where the thermostat is situated in the bedroom.

LASTLY, DUAL FUNCTION(AF): The thermostat can function to read both the floor and the abient temperature of the area in which it is installed.

In conclusion:

As with all our thermostats, there are very clear to read instructions in the box. These will show you how to install and set your thermostat. All the thermostats that we supply are intended to be energy saving devices. hence they will help to ensure that your underfloor heating does not cost a lot to run. As you will see by browsing through our products, all our thermostats are supplied to not only function with ease, but to fit in aesthetically with any home.

We are always available should you be unsure as to which product is best for your scenario. You are welcome to send us a message or give us a call with any questions or queries.




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