Pet Heaters


Teflon coated heating for pets terrariums and enclosures.

Size/dimensions: 0.6mt x 1.1mt


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Pet heaters mat

Pet heaters  mat size : o,6 Mtrs x 1,1 Mtrs



Description: Teflon coated heating elements enclosed in a double sided aluminum foil.


Firstly, Place the pet heater mat on top of the under felt and under the rug/blanket that your pet likes or has in their kennel/sleeping spot. The heater can then be plugged into any three-pin plug point. The heat is felt almost straight away.

The pet heater units are 100% waterproof. This makes them ideal for breeding/nursing areas, where little fur babies are likely to have “accidents”.

It is a huge concern with pets that if there is a gas heater, they will (especially young puppies) run past and knock it over! Even more scary is the thought of your cat jumping on top of an asbestos/bar heater. This can mean some nasty burns. Under-carpet heating is 100% safe! No more worrying about accidents!

Our pet heaters are very cost effective and safe way to ensure your four-legged fur babies are comfy during the cold winter nights. These are also awesome for breeders that need to provide extra heat for their new litters or pregnant/nursing moms.



Circular heating mats!

Like the straight unit, place it onto an under felt beneath your pet’s mattress/blanket.

Plug the unit into a three-pin plug point.


Our pet heaters are perfect for exotic terrariums, snakes, marmosets, iguanas, bearded dragons etc. Send us an e-mail or give us a call with the dimensions you require. (POA)

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Above all, keep your pets comfy and cozy this winter!

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