Multipurpose Thermostat


Small and neat multi-function thermostat that really packs a punch. This thermostat is compatible with both heating and cooling. It can be used for a wide array of applications such as fridges, exotic terrariums and so forth.

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Multipurpose Thermostat
Multipurpose Thermostat


Multipurpose Heating and Cooling Thermostat.

Technical information:

  • Temperature control range: -55 Degrees Celsius – 120 Degrees Celsius
  • Temperature control accuracy: 0.1 Degree Celsius
  • Colour of L.E.D display: Red/Blue
  • Power supply voltage: 24V/12V (optional)
  • Data storage: Yes
  • Relay: 10A
  • Unit size: 100mm x 48mm x 28mm
  • Display size: 37mm x 18mm
  • Opening size: 71mm x 41mm
  • Fixed hole distance: M3/86mm


About this thermostat:

This thermostat is small and neat in appearance. It has an exceptionally clear and vivid L.E.D display screen. It is simple to install and use. However, it packs a punch with its many different uses.

This is a probe thermostat. Thus, the probe sensor will read the temperature of the environment that it is placed in. It can be used in both heating and cooling applications.

What sets this thermostat apart, is that it can be run using a 12V battery. Alternatively, using a transformer, it can be connected to a power source.

What can it be used for:

Because of its small size, this is the perfect device to use in a variety of different applications. It can be used for underfloor heating, refrigeration, exotic animal enclosures, incubation and infant animal enclosures, seed germination and so much more. The possibilities are endless.

It is highly accurate with a temperature variable of only 0.1 Degree Celsius. Thus, it is safe to use for applications where the temperature needs to be exact.

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