Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat


Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat

Isolator and plate 4x4 for thermostat
Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat


3D Printed Plates 4×4

All of our 3D-printed plates are manufactured with many different specifications, our 4×4 Plates are meant to fit on top of the provision in your wall made for your 4×4 Wall box.

Jc Heat 2 Tile’s  Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat are 3D Printed and made specifically for our Thermostats to fit into the
plate without having to cut the plate.

We prepare the plates with a 20 amp isolator to help switch off your underfloor heating and thermostat all at once in the case of any power outages, switch off your system from the isolator.

The thermostat can be connected for you to the plate if you purchase a plate and thermostat together

Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat

You will see that the 3D Printed Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat come with clips to hide the screws once the plate is attached to your box on your wall.

We put a lot of attention to detail when printing plates to give our customers the best look and feel of our plates.

Please bear in mind that these Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat are not the same as the plates that are bought in
other stores they have a different texture and look but are still made and printed with a lot of precision, care and love made to fit our thermostat without any hassle.

The Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat are easy to install as everything is already done for you no need to cut the plate to fit the thermostat.

Our Plates are used for mounting and securing thermostats in place. they come in many shapes and sizes to fit different thermostats we stock, such as Analogue, Programmable, Touch Screen and Wi-Fi Thermostats.

We sell the  Isolator and plate 4×4 for thermostat in the main colour Black and White but we can also make it in many other
colours that you might want so you can always choose what you like more or what is the best look with your home style, Kindly contact us if you would like other colours.

These 4×4 3D Printed Plates are easy to install when you purchase them from us online or in our offices you will see that they come with clips, those clips are used to cover the screws that will hold the plate onto your box in the wall, so yes they will be hidden away.

All our plates are made by us thinking of our clients making it easier to purchase and install right away.


The Plates are made specifically for our Range of thermostats that we sell, so they might not be compatible with any other thermostat.

These specially Printed plates are extremely durable and can last for many years with proper installation so please be careful when screwing in your plate to the box inside your wall.

When you Purchase our  Isolator and plate 4×4 for the thermostat you will notice that the wires from the 20 amp Isolator are already connected for you so you can easily connect the main power and heater wires to the thermostat.

If you need a different kind of plate you can contact us and we can make it for your type of application, as long as you have a drawing or an idea of how you want it, we can make it, however, we will give you an estimated time frame to manufacture the product.

The 3D Printed Plates that we make cannot be found in any other store, you will only find them here at JC Heat 2 Tile, we always have stock on hand so you can make a purchase when you need to, you can also WhatsApp or call us to find out if we have stock if you are unsure.

These are the easiest and the best Plates you will find on the market and you will not regret purchasing our 3d printed plates.



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