Hessian (For collection only)


Hessian (For collection only)

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Hessian for undertile heating
Hessian for undertile heating


The hessian for undertile heating is available from us. This product is designed to go over the heating cables during your installation.

This is used when you are installing the loose heating and not the pre-woven mat system.

In a loose laid installation, you will first lay the elements. Secondly, you will lay a blanket of hessian over the elements. Lastly, you will cover the installation with a thin screed.

A few tips and tricks:

When you lay the hessian cloth over the installation, wet the hessian with a bit of water. This ensures that the hessian sticks down to the installation and ensures that it is easy to do your screed on top of it.

As the hessian wraps around the top of the cable, it actually helps to prevent any damage to the cable during the installation and works as a protective blanket.

The hessian is both sturdy and hardy, thus making it perfect for use with any type of heating installation.

Hessian is a natural fiber, thus, it is not only effective, but eco friendly as well. Due to its durability and flexible properties, this is the perfect product to use when it comes to an underfloor installation. Unlike a polyester fiber, the hessian is extremely easy to work with.

Firstly, it is cost effective. Secondly, it is durable and lastly, it will ensure that your elements are properly protected.

About our company:

JC Heat 2 Tile have been in the heating industry for many years. Hence we are confident in the products that we supply. We strive to supply cost effective and user friendly products. We service our customers with excellence.  both during and after sales.

You can find us on a wide variety of different social media platforms. Hence we are always a click away to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

In conclusion:

We are your one stop heating shop! Beautiful products at an affordable price!



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