Flush mount thermostat


Best EASY upgrade for your underfloor heating thermostat

Flush mount thermostat
Flush mount thermostat


Upgrade Solution For Your Underfloor Heating Thermostats
We have made an upgrade solution for all our customers who had thermostats installed years ago and would like to replace them with a better option, we have made a 3D-printed flush mount box that can replace any old wall-mount thermostat. This flush mount thermostat box is a perfect replacement for any old thermostat that was installed years ago.

Flush mount thermostat

The upgrade solution comes with a programmable thermostat, a 3D printed Flush mount thermostat box, and a plug and connectors with wires for your heater this is a great product as everything is connected for you all you need to do is take out your old thermostat and install the new one, without the help of an electrician, just make sure that your db box with the power supply is off.

Our programmable thermostats are extremely smart and have many different functions, with the programmable thermostat you can set the time and temperature you want your heater to go on, the same applies to the time and temperature you want it to go off, it also shows you the room temperature so depending on the room temperature you will set it to the temperature that you feel most comfortable with, this thermostat is financially friendly and can save you on electricity bills and money as you are the one telling the thermostat how to work.

1. It is very easy to connect the Flush mount thermostat , all you need to do is take your old thermostat out of the wall

2. and then you will take your Flush mount thermostat and see where the holes must go this is for a new installation

3. for an old installation if the holes are in the same place as the box you can just use screws to add the box
to the wall,

4. if the holes need to be made again you can use a drill to make new holes for the
screws then you will screw the box onto the wall take the back off of the thermostat and screw it in
the flush mount box put the face of the thermostat back and connect your heater to the 2 connectors
coming out of the flush mount box.

5. once that is done you can connect the plug to your PowerPoint
outlet and then you can set your temperature on your thermostat once the flame shows on the
thermostat your heater is working, please note to hide the wires you must use a piece of trunking
this will prevent the wires from being pulled or damaged in the years to come.

You can use this system for a new or old installation, this kind of system can save you from having to chop holes in your wall to make provision for a thermostat, making it super easy and clean to add, please make sure that your thermostat is close to a power outlet.

It most definitely can be made in many different colours of your choice, we can also fit different thermostats that you like or prefer if you would like the box in a different colour eg Pink, Purple, Blue, Green etc.

Kindly contact us at 0832263043 to discuss what you would like and we can get it done for you, we can also specially make Flush mount thermostat if you need them for different applications or any other ways that you may need a specific size we can make it for you, all you need to do is message us and send measurements and an idea of what you want and we will discuss the rest.

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85mm x 85mm


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