Underfloor Heating Diy – Cover 7,5 m2 – 1500w – 125 mtr


Underfloor Heating Diy – Cover 7,5 m2 – 1500w – 125 mtr
PTFE insulated heating cable.

100% Waterproof.

Lifetime durability.

Installed under tile, carpets, wood and screed.

Widely used in the plant farming industries, crocodile farms, chicken farms, pig farms, etc.

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Underfloor Heating Diy - Cover 7,5 m2 - 1500w - 125 mtr
floor Heating Diy – Cover 7,5 m2 – 1500w – 125 mtr


Our floor heating Diy cables are supplied to private customers and professional installers. Hence our products are designed to be user-friendly. All of our cables are manufactured using high-quality cabling and Teflon coatings. Thus they are durable and will not break down or corrode with time.

We supply our cables both nationally and internationally. The prices that are shown are for national delivery only. Thus, for international delivery, please send us your shipping address and we will calculate the delivery cost.

The loose-laid underfloor heating cable can be laid in any shape. Thus it is perfect for use in areas such as bathrooms etc. Because it is a hand-laid system, you are able to place the element in the areas that you need to feel it the most. IE: in bathrooms, it can be laid close to the basin and toilet, Thus preventing cold spots on the floor surface.

We supply all the other necessary products to do your installation. Hence the screed, hessian, thermostats and all accessories are available from our shop.

We stick to an international guideline of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. This ensures that your heating will run at a cost-effective and efficient rate. Thus it will not cost a fortune for you to run.


How is the installation done:

The installation of the heating is relatively simple. Firstly, you will lay the heating on the floor in a zigzag formation. Secondly, we recommend covering the installation with a blanket of hessian cloth. Lastly, you pour a smattering of a super screed mixture over the installation. This ensures that the elements are protected when you lay your flooring and that the installation becomes “one” with your concrete surface.

As we have been in the heating industry for many years, all the products that we supply and install are of the highest standards. We strive for customer service and satisfaction both during and after-sales.

You will find us on a wide variety of social media platforms, thus we are always a phone call or a click away to answer any of your questions.


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