Flexible strip trace heating for pipes and drums

Flexible strip trace heating
Flexible strip trace heating


Flexible strip trace heating is used to reduce the viscosity of liquids and gels. With the heating process, you are able to fill, pump or bottle the respective liquids. Freezing of liquids inside the pipes or drums will be prevented. The flexible strip trace heating heats the pipe or drum. This results in maintaining process temperatures for piping substances that solidify at ambient temperatures.

A thermostat is used to control and regulate when the heat falls below the set temperature.

It is a very simple installation thanks to its high flexibility. All sizes are manufactured upon customer request applications. Our trace heating strip is easily applied to all system parts.

The flexible trace strip heating wire can be applied to many industries, wax, cosmetics, petrochemical plants, oils, bio-refinery and biomass. The heating strip can be manipulated to fit around any shape or size of pipes and drums.

Flexible strip trace heating

At J C Heat 2 Tile, we have a range of thermostats, Analogue, Digital, Programmable and High Tech Motion Sensors. In addition, these can be surface or flush mounted. Flush mounted is made to fit onto 4 x 2 box or 4 x 4 box. Surface mounted thermostats, boxes are not required due to a plug being connected.

Furthermore, these heating systems are very versatile. It can be applied to various farming  and industrial methods, crocodile farming, chicken farming, nurseries ( faster seed germination) or any environment that needs to be temperature controlled.




Flexible strip trace heating
Flexible strip trace heating

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