Digital Multimeter


Portable Multimeter For checking your Underfloor Heating and Thermostats


With the variety of settings and functions this little device has it makes testing your wires easy
it is small in size making it convenient and easy to move around with.
> ACV(Volts )= 750 – 200
> DCA(Amps) = 200 – 200m
> OHMS= 200 – 2000k
>DCV= 200m – 1000
> 31/2 Digit Max “1999”
> 19 Ranges single Rotary Switch
> 0.5% Basic Accuracy (DCV)
> NPN= E,B, C,E
> PNP = E, B,C, E
>1.5V (4.0mA)
This Digital Multimeter is very easy to use and will come in handy if you are an Electrician or just
need it for personal use its always good to have one cause you will never know when you actually
need it.
All the settings are easily readable and can be used without any hassle the multimeter does come
with wires so it can be used straight away when bought.
This Multimeter can be used to test many electrical wires whether it is an Underfloor Heating
wire or the wires that run through your home you can always test the Continuity /Electricity running
through the wire.
Now when you are testing Underfloor Heating you will Mostly use OHMS this will help you
check the Resistance in the wires


Digital multimeter
Digital Multimeter


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