Digital Multimeter 1000v


Digital Multimeter 1000v, easy to check your underfloor heating and thermostats for any faults.


Digital Multimeter 1000v
Packed with many settings and features this multimeter will come in handy in any occasion you
never know when you will need it so it is better to always just have one on standby.
-Data Hold
-Auto power OFF
-Large LCD Display
-Auto zero functions
-Single 32-position switch for function and range
>DCV 200mV – 1000V
>ACV 200mV – 750V
>DCA 20uA – 10A
>ACA 20uA – 10A
>Capacitance- 2nF- 50uF
>OHM- 200Ohms – 200MOhms
With all these Features This device is definitely a need by Electricians or for Personal use
the Multimeter makes Testing any wires easy at home or in your daily Job.
This Multimeter can be used to test many electrical wires whether it is an Underfloor Heating
wire or the wires that run through your home you can always test the Continuity /Electricity running
through the wire.
It is very easy to use it also comes with easily readable Instructions in the box that can be used if
you do not have much knowledge of using a Multimeter.
The Multimeter comes with all the Basics that you need including the wires to test the wires with.
When it comes to Testing Underfloor Heating you will mostly use the setting with OHMS as this
will help you check the Resistance in the wires.



Digital multimeter 1000v
Digital multimeter 1000v


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