Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw


Bedset 1Kw is designed in 2 L-shapes and can fit around a double, queen and king-sized Bed, Made for your warm cosy nights.

Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw

-Our 1Kw or 1000w Aluminum Carpet Bedset Heaters are manufactured to fit perfectly around your
bed in a 9-11m2 room the great thing about these heaters is that they can be installed under fitted
carpets or a loose rug, if you install it under a loose rug you have full control of laying it and
packing it away after the winter season, it can be used with a 3pin plug or temperature-controlled
with a thermostat, it is the perfect solution for those who want some warmth during winter but don’t
want the hassle of removing the system every year, and on the plus side it is so much better than a bar heater,
Our heating mats spread heat evenly so heat will be felt all around.
-This Heating system is super easy to lay and use, we make many different sizes to fit any type of
-Our Under carpet heaters are completely waterproof and safe to use if you have an overflow of
water or spill liquid on the heating system kindly take the carpet off and let it dry fully before using
it again as it can cause an odour if water is trapped.
-This system is perfect for any type of installation new or old anytime is the perfect time to install a
the heating system in your home.

Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw

Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw is safe for everyone including Adults, children and pets and trust me they will love
it, so it is time to get ready for winter with some Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw
.This is an easy way to just plug in your heater and get it working, there are some things you would
need to know though, if you are using your heater with a plug it will heat the the maximum
temperature being 35-40 degrees Celsius, you would need to also plug it out when it is not being
.Using your heater with a thermostat is a better option as you can set the temperature that you
want the heater to heat up to, this option will also save you money and electricity as you are the one
controlling your heating system.
.Firstly you would need to measure the meters in length and width that way you can calculate and
see exactly what heater would fit best otherwise we are always available to help if you send us the
sizes of your area.
-When purchasing a  Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw you can order online or get more information and help from our admin
office or even give us a call, we are always glad to help.
-The Heater is made in two L shapes and connected in the middle with electrical wire which can not
be extended, But the wire that connects to the Thermostat or Plug can be extended if you would
like it longer.
-This is a perfect way to get some heat in your home without having to remove any flooring or
carpets, because this Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw, can be installed under loose carpets and any plastic flooring or rug.
-Our Aluminium Mats can also be used under wooden flooring, but it would have to be controlled
with a Thermostat as the maximum temperature for wooden flooring is 28 degrees.
-If there is a specific size that is needed for your area we can also custom-make a mat to fit your area,
sizes are required, Please note these mats cannot be cut in any way.
-We strive to always help our customers from the start of the installation right to the end, if in doubt
please contact us for information.

Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw
Carpet-Rug bed set Heating 1 Kw


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