Analogue Thermostat for Underfloor Heating


Analogue Thermostat 302
This thermostat is perfect for existing houses because it can be surface mounted connected to a plug, thus, no electrician will be required.

Spec: LED status indications

Operating Voltage: 230v

Switch Current Rating: 16amps

Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 33mm

Enclosure: PC + ABS Fire Retardent

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Analogue Thermostat

Analogue Thermostat: HA302 HEATING THERMOSTAT. Easy installation and operation: Energy Saving.

BASIC FUNCTION- 1. Room temperature set  2. LED indication ( power and working status ) 3. On/Off control 4.Double Temperature,double control.


1. Sensing Element

2. Load current: < 16 A ( resistance )

3. Accuracy: +- 1.5*c > 6 A ( inductive )

4. Set-Point Range (room): 5-30*c

5. Operating rating: 0-45*c

6. Housing: ABS + PC Flame Retardant

7.Dimensions: 86 x 86 x 33mm


Analogue Thermostat Used Underfloor Heating

Thermostat for Underfloor Heating

Model HA302, with double temperature and double control functions, specially designed for electric floor heating.

Can be used for both floor sensor and air sensor. The thermostat automatically turns off the heating system when desired temperature is reached.


About the analogue thermostat:

Our analogue thermostats are the reliable “workhorses” of the heating world. Unlike their digital counterparts, you simply set them to the desires temperature and that is that. These thermostats can be used for not only normal heating in your home, but for industrial applications such as farming, agriculture, reptiles etc.

Once installed, they look very neat and will blend in with any environment that they are placed in. Firstly, because they are not digital, they are extremely easy to use. Secondly, they are reliable and very long lasting. Hence these are very often preferred for their simplicity.

About our company:

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In conclusion:

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