Analogue thermostat 16 Amps

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This thermostat is perfect for existing houses because it can be surface mounted and connected to a plug, thus, no electrician will be required.
Our analogue thermostat can be flush mounted or surface mounted( fixed onto a wall surface with
3-prong plug attached). Very versatile. Max amps – 16 amps. On/off switch.

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Analogue Wall Mount Thermostat

What do you need to Know About The Analogue Wall Mount Thermostat?
-Firstly this is one of the most commonly used Thermostats that we supply as it is very convenient
especially for those who do not have an existing box on the wall, these Thermostats can be installed
straight onto the wall with just a few screws holding the Thermostat in place.
What do you need to Know About connecting this Thermostat?
-In addition, connecting this Thermostat can be simple yet tricky so let me explain it in a few words
this Thermostat has a screw on top of the Thermostat once you open the screw it will allow you to
remove the cover this will then expose the contacts for the wiring, These contacts have numbers
inside the Thermostat


2 – Live
3 and 5 – connect a bridge wire to connect to the Light
3 – also to the heater
6 – to Neutral and to the heater
cut a hole on the side of the Thermostat to feed the wires through to make the connection easier.
This Thermostat can also be connected to a plug
Connection to Plug
2- Live (brown wire)
3 and 5 – To Light
6- Neutral (blue wire)
3 and 6- connections for Heater
Earth can be connected if there is a box in the wall but since it is also connected to the earth in the
plug so if there is no box in the wall it will still work for you
What Temperature can this Thermostat reach?
– And finally, the Analogue wall mount Thermostats Temperature starts at 10 degrees and goes to 30 degrees in
Temperature. 25 degrees is the best temperature to keep it at for a warmer person but if you are a
colder person then 30 degrees should keep you warm enough.
depending on the room temperature you will set it slightly above the temperature of the room or
area the Thermostat is Installed in.

LED status indications, on or off.
Operating Voltage: 230v
Switch Current Rating: 16amps
Air Sensor

Analogue thermostat 16 Amps
Thermostat 16 Amps

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    this Thermostat is super easy to install and use thank you for the continuous help and great service

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