Alarm for underfloor heating


The alarm gets connected to the heating system whilst floors are being laid.

In the event it gets damaged in the process, the alarm will sound, stopping you from further laying of floors and being able to fix it. the clip will be connected to a 9volt battery red wire goes to the Heater and the black wire goes to earth.

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Alarm for underfloor heating
Alarm for underfloor heating


Alarm for underfloor heating

Our special Alarm for underfloor heating ensures your installation is worry-free. This alarm for underfloor heating is connected to the elements whilst you do the installation. you will also leave it connected whilst doing the tiling.

So how does this work? this is connected to one cold lead in front of the heating elements which is the red wire and the black wire from the alarm will be connected to the earth. This device makes a loud noise if you break or scratch the cable during the installation or the tiling. hence you are warned to stop the installation or tiling process. If you do hear the alarm, stop the installation immediately. this will make sure that you know exactly where the mistake happened.

Firstly, a scratch or a cut on the cable is not a difficult thing to fix. We supply a repair kit that gives you what you need to do the repair.

In the unlikely event that you have an accident and don’t hear the monitor, don’t panic. we also have a special break tracing stick that can locate the fault after the floor is tiled.

This Alarm for underfloor heating can be used over and over again. A very handy little device to keep stored away for any future installations!

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