Air-conditioning Thermostat and fan control


Air-conditioning – Heating – Fan Control Thermostat 5 Amps. Compatible for use with underfloor heating, Ceiling fans and Air conditioning units.

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Air-conditioning Thermostat and fan control
Air-conditioning Thermostat and fan control


Air-conditioning Thermostat and fan control

This amazing multipurpose thermostat can do it all! Control your Air conditioning, ceiling fan and underfloor heating!

Gone are the days when you had to use a bulky and ugly-looking control for your ceiling fan, floor heating or air conditioning unit. The joy of this Air-conditioning Thermostat and fan control is that you can connect all three of these different products to one control. Thus you do not have a million different switches all over your walls.

These Air-conditioning Thermostat and fan control can be placed into a four-by-four or a two-by-four box with direct lines from your DB board. They are very easy to install as well.

This Air-conditioning Thermostat and fan control feature a large, clear LCD display. The 3-speed setting for the fan. Time setting and adjusting. Temperature selection for heating and air conditioning mode. A lock function and a standby mode.

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We have been in the heating industry for many years. Thus we have become a trusted name and preferred supplier. As we try to make all our products DIY-friendly, we supply to both professional installers and private customers.

All of our thermostats are aimed at being energy and cost-saving devices. With our underfloor heating, we stick to an international guideline of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. This ensures a cost-effective and efficient heating system.

Furthermore, our thermostats are all designed to only run your products when absolutely necessary. Thus saving you a lot of money on your monthly electrical bill.

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