1KW Infra Red Heater


This amazing Infrared heater only draws 1KW but pushes out a maximum temperature of 600 Degrees!!!! Due to their compact and lightweight design, they are the perfect solution for heating areas such as bathrooms, offices or even low cost housing.

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1KW Infra Red Heater

The 1KW Infra Red Heater is a brand new and exciting product from JC Heat 2 Tile! Believe it or not, this tiny little heater draws only 4.8Amps of power, yet reaches 600 degrees in temperature! This temperature is obtained in only two minutes!

1KW Infra Red Heater
1KW Infra Red Heater

Aimed at the D.I.Y enthusiast, these heaters can be used in so many different ways and applications. Perfect for use with D I Y projects that require a small yet powerful heat source. These heaters can be mounted in a bathroom scenario, small offices, low-cost housing and so much more… The sky is the limit.

Some applications that useĀ  1KW Infra Red Heater are as follows: Screen printing, Thermoforming, finishing (PES), mass heating, drying and curing processes, egg hatching, incubating and so much more. Infra-red heating is a highly diverse product that can be widely used.

Infra Red wires are mounted inside the ceramic casing. Thus they get extremely hot (600 degrees), extremely quickly. Infra-red heating is perfect for use with animal breeding areas, incubators and so forth.

There really are such a diverse amount of applications that these heaters can be used for. Lightweight, small in size, small in power consumption, yet huge in output and functionality!

Please note: This product is aimed at the D I Y enthusiast or as an accessory to a design project/idea. These are not recommended as a plug and play device. Hence they take a bit of electrical knowledge to mount.


These heaters reach an incredibly high temperature of 600 Degrees surface temperature. Thus they must be mounted where they are not able to be touched. Touching the surface of the heater when it is on, will result in serious burns. Do not mount the heater on plastic or any surface that will melt or catch fire at high temperatures. Keep out of reach of children and animals!


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