Underwood Heating

Underwood Heating from JC Heat 2 Tile.

Underwood heating is a product that a lot of people shy away from. This is because of horror stories where heating has caused wood to warp and lift.

We manufacture and install our underwood heating to very strict standards.

Firstly, we install a probe with our underwood heating. Wood should never be heated to more than 28 Degrees floor temperature. Thus, the floor temperature of the room is controlled as apposed to the ambient air temperature.

Secondly, we cover roughly 70% of the floor surface. This results in an even heat throughout the floor. Hence the wood will not warp or pop.

When installed correctly, underwood heating can be a very effective way of heating your home. Whilst it is a more “gentle” heat than undertile heating, it is still very effective.

As our heating is all earthed, there is no chance of the wood catching alight or any danger of heating the floor at all.

We do not recommend heating solid wooden flooring as this product is not a good conductor of heat. If you want to heat a room with a solid wooden floor, it is more advisable to lay a loose laid under rug heater in the area. This heater can be placed under a rug in the room, plugged into a wall plug and simply used when necessary.

As all our heating is sold with energy saving thermostats, our products will never cost you a fortune to run.

We are on a variety of social media platforms, hence we are always able to answer any questions that you may have about our products or heating in general.

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