Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating mats are manufactured at J C Heat 2 Tile. We supply the mats to the public and professional installers. As well, customers can buy this product from our company for their own private use. Services to install are also provided. In addition, it is easy to install. Furthermore, it can be installed under any floor surface. The mats come in various shapes and sizes, thereby fitting in any room.
Installation takes place while you are in the process of renovating or laying new floors. The underfloor heating system covers 50% of the floor surface.

The heating mats get installed directly on top of the concrete surface. You may apply a thin layer of screed to hold it in position.
Our under-tile heating systems are safety tested and completely waterproof.

Mesh mat heating

Our Mesh mat system is very easy to install the basic steps are to start with a clean and leveled surface you will now have your starting point which is near the thermostat you will roll your mat out cute the mesh to your desired measurement you will then flip it over and continue in the same sequence now you can tile and use your underfloor heating.

UnderCarpet Heating

Our Undercarpet Heating system is a very convenient way to heat up your area you can lay it under installed carpets or under a loose rug it is covered in aluminum foil protecting it from damage This system can either be connected to a Thermostat or a Plug .


Here at JC HEAT 2 TILE, we have a wide variety of Thermostats to choose from they range from Analogue to Programmable to Wi-Fi so there are plenty to choose from they are super easy to connect and we do supply our customers with a step-by-step drawing on how to connect each individual  Thermostat that we supply

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Showing all 17 results