Underfloor heating repair kit

Underfloor Heating Repair Kit.

We stock and supply underfloor heating and heating repair kits.

People are very worried about what happens if the elements is broken during installation. Or even after the tiles are laid. What happens if something goes wrong?

Fear not! We have a solution!

We supply a monitor for our installations. This device makes a very loud noise if the heating element is scratched or broken. If this happens, don’t worry. All you have to do is take some heat-shrink and a Ferrel and fix the broken/scratched area. Once you do this, continue the heating as usual.

Once you have finished the heating and the tiling, don’t worry if you find that there is a break in the cable. We have a special stick that is designed to find the break. This stick picks up breakages in heating cables and lets off a special pitch. It is very easy to use. once you find the break, lift the two or three tiles that it is under, fix it and replace the tiles.

If you have doubts about fixing the heating alone, call us and we can send out a specialist.

Because our heating durable, it takes a lot before you run the risk of breaking it.

customers are welcome to call or whats-app us for any help needed during or after your installation.

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Showing all 2 results