Trace Heating

Trace heating is used to reduce the solidifying of liquids or gels by heating them in order to fill, pump or bottle the liquids. The heating stops the liquids from freezing inside the pipes or drums.

Hence, electrical heating heats the pipe or drum that is being used. This keeps the process temperature stable for piping products that solidify at ambient temperature. A thermostat is used to regulate the system. Therefore, the temperature will not fall below what it must be.

Firstly, this is a simple installation. All sizes needed are manufactured to customers’ specs. Secondly, the trace heating that we manufacture is easily applied or stuck to any system parts.

Where can this be used?

This heating can be used in many different types of industries. Wax, cosmetics, petrol chemical plants, oils, biorefinery and biomass. The heating is easily manipulated to fit around any shape or size of pipe, drums and so on.

Hence, this heating system is versatile. You can apply this in many different farming and industrial methods. Crocodile farming, chicken farming, nurseries (faster seed germination) or any environment that needs to be temperature controlled.

Where can you find us?

We have an office in JHB. 111 Karavas Court. Cnr Beyers Naude and Lewisham Rd. Randburg. Jhb. We stock a wide variety of stock at our premises. You are welcome to come through to our office and buy directly. You can pay via cash or card at our premises.

We also have an online shop. Firstly, you will find everything you need. Our shop is HTTPS secure. Hence, you can shop with total peace of mind. We ship our products nationally and internationally. The prices shown on the website are only for national delivery. International customers must please send us the shipping address and we will calculate the cost.

We are on a wide variety of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and many different forums. Hence we are always available to answer any questions or queries that you have.

Hence, JC Heat 2 Tile is your one-stop heating shop!

Because we have been in the industry for so long, we have full confidence in the reliability and safety of our products. We supply a heating solution for any type of scenario. Call us or send us a WhatsApp today and let us find the perfect product for your needs.

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