Welcome to JC Heat 2 Tile. We specialize in the heating of tiles, wood and carpets.

What do we do?
We manufacture heating for every type of flooring. Tiles, carpets and wood can all be heated with our system. Hence, we have a solution for any heating situation. Firstly, our heating is energy efficient. thus, it is cheap to run.
How does heat affect tiles?
Tiles are a good conductor of heat. Hence, the heat comes through easily and the tilesĀ  retain the temperature. Therefor, using heating under tiles will not cost a lot of money to run.
What thermostats do you use?

We use energy efficient thermostats. Hence, the thermostats ensure that the heating only runs when necessary. The tiles are only heated when the thermostat is told to turn on.

How much of my floor is heated?

When heating tiles, you only heat roughly 60% of the surface. We start the heating 600 away from the walls. So we are only heating the center of the room.

Under tile heating comes through and heats the room quickly. We stick to a guide line of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12 m2 of room space. This ensure a cost effective and efficient heating system.

Welcome to our online shop.We are HTTPS secure so you can do your online shopping with peace of mind. Our products are shipped nationally and internationally. Prices on the website are for national delivery only. International customers must send us the shipping address and we will calculate the cost.

We have been manufacturing heating for many years. Our products are very easy to install. you can buy the DIY option from our online shop.

We have a video that shows you how to do the installation. There is also a video that will show you how to set and program your digital thermostats.

Our offices are based in JHB. 111 Karavas Court. Cnr Beyers Naude and Lewisham Drv. Randbrug. Jhb. Hence you are welcome to come through to our office. Firstly, we stock a wide variety of products at our premises. Therefor, customers can buy directly from us. We accept Cash and card payments at our office. Thus we are accessible online or from our office.

You will find us on many social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many different forums. Hence we are always available to help you with any queries you may have.



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