Thermostats for Under floor Heating.

Thermostat suppliers  for Under floor heating, thermostats and all materials related to the trade,( hessian, bonding liquid / plaster key  and self levelling screed )in South Africa, Johannesburg. Our range of energy saving thermostats helps to run your under floor heating system economically and effectively. Our under tile heating system is very easy to install and you just need to follow a few simple steps for a successful installation.

Delivery countrywide

Analogue HA302

 Our analogue electronic thermostat can be flush mounted or surface mounted ( fixed onto wall surface with 3 prong plug attached). Can be connected with a probe for wooden floors. Very versatile. Max amps – 16amps

Digital HA308

 The digital thermostat can be used for dual purpose, air sensor as well as floor ( laminate wood ) sensor. Floor sensor means a probe is attached measuring temperature underneath the wood, thereby ensuring temperature does not exceed 28 degrees.

Programmable Digital HA308

 Our MOST economical and cost effective thermostat. It can be programmed with 4 settings per day for 7 days which rolls over every week until you reset. It can be set to lower temp when no one is home and set to higher temp when you return, etc. Our Programmable comes highly recommended to help save on energy consumption

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Showing all 7 results