Thermostats for Under floor Heating.

JC Heat 2 Tile are thermostat suppliers. We supply Under floor heating, thermostats and all materials needed,( hessian, bonding liquid / plaster key  and self leveling screed ). We stock a wide range of energy efficient thermostats. JC Heat 2 Tile also supply a DIY heating solution. Under tile heating is very easy to install. You just follow a few simple steps.

Thermostats are a very important part of underfloor heating. Hence, here are some of the thermostats that we supply:

Type 1: Analogue HA302

The analogue thermostat is flush mounted (in a 2×4 or 4×4 box) or surface mounted (fixed onto wall surface with a 3 prong plug attached). It can also be connected to a probe for wooden floors. This thermostat is very versatile and can handle a Max of 16amps.

Type 2: Digital HA308

You can use the digital thermostat with an air sensor or a floor sensor (used with laminated wooden flooring). Floor sensor means you attach a probe to read the temperature under the wood. Thus ensuring the floor temperature will not exceed 28 degrees.

Type 3: Programmable Digital HA308

This is the MOST economical and cost effective thermostat. You can  program it with 4 settings per day for 7 days, which rolls over every week until you reset. You can set it to a lower temp when no one is home and set to a higher temp when you return, etc. Hence our programmable thermostat comes highly recommended to help save on energy consumption.  

As you can see, we stock a variety of different thermostats.

Firstly, our thermostats help your heating to work in a cost effective way. Secondly, you will find the perfect product for your needs.

Browse through our online shop. Our website is HTTPS secure. Hence you can do your online shopping with total peace of mind. Furthermore, we deliver nationally and internationally. The prices on the website include national delivery only. Hence international customers need to send us the postal address and we will calculate the cost. National delivery is sent to your door.

We have an office in JHB. Customers are welcome to come through to our office. 111 Karavas Court. Cnr Beyers Naude and Lewisham Drv. Randburg. JHB. We keep a wide variety of stock at our premises. Please just give us a call or send a whats app before coming through. Payment via cash or card is accepted at our office.

We are on a wide variety of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and many different forums. Hence we are always available to answer any queries.

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