Welcome to JC HEAT 2 TILE -SOWETO our Company manufactures and sells high quality
Underfloor Heating mats for any type of flooring whatever you need we have got you covered from
our wide range of Underfloor Heating Mesh mats to our Undercarpet Heating mats we have it all
Our wide variety of Intelligent Thermostats will have you in shock it’s tricky to pick your favourite one there is so much more to Underfloor Heating than most of us know.
Firstly -Our Underfloor Heating system can be Installed under Any type of flooring such as any
type of Tiles whether porcelain or ceramic any type will work you can also install our system
under carpets or under a loose rug and Even under Wooden flooring AMAZING RIGHT!!!
Secondly -Our system is completely waterproof meaning it has a very low chance of being damaged
by water or moisture for example in a bathroom where steam is released every day from bathing
or showering, this is already a bonus.
Thirdly- Our Underfloor Heating system is super easy to install there is no science behind it it can be
installed in any type of area such as a Lounge, Bedroom, Dinning room, Pj Lounge, Entertainment
area etc wherever you would like Heating you can Install it in there our mats are made in different
sizes made perfectly to fit into any room or area.


Lastly- Our Range of Thermostats are High Quality And Intelligent Devices depending on which
one you choose we have Analogue, Programmable and Wi-Fi Thermostats so you can see there is a
a lot to choose from we provide our customers with an installation guide as well as drawn-up guides
on how to connect each and every Thermostat that we sell.
We courier nationwide and internationally so we always have a plan for our customers whether you
are near or far.
Our staff at JC HEAT 2 TILE are always open to helping customers if you have any questions about
our Underfloor Heating system feel free to contact us.

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Showing all 26 results