PTFE insulated

PTFE Insulated elements from JC Heat 2 Tile.

In the past, underfloor heating was manufactured using a PVC coated element. The element was embedded in the screed base of the floor. Due to the lime content in the screed, the PVC coating would erode over time.

This meant that the elements were extremely brittle after being in the floor for a while. Thus, if something went wrong with the cable, it was unable to be repaired.

Now days, we coat the elements with a PTFE coating. Furthermore, the element is installed just below the floor surface. Hence, if something does go wrong with the element, we are able to repair it.

Our elements are robust, waterproof, flexible and reliable.

We use our PTFE elements in our under carpet units, our pre-woven under tile mats and all of our heating products.



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Showing all 12 results