Propagation seedling heat mat


Welcome to JC HEAT 2 TILE we have the perfect heating solution for your seedlings
We Manufacture a Propagation seedling heat mat that will fit perfectly into any greenhouse this
will ensure your plants grow in a healthier and warmer environment temperature change can highly
affect your plant’s growth during winter and no one wants that for their products so this is where we
come in to help you with our Heating mats.
Our propagation seedling heat mats are high quality, efficient and waterproof making this
everything you need in one mat it is very easy to install. Our Propagation seedling heat mats are
made of insulation board which our Heating element is placed on top of and covered with a layer of Aluminium foil we add extra protective sheeting to make sure it is extra protected and is ready to
be laid and used now your plants can grow Happily.
A little bit more information about our Propagation seedling heat mat
Our seedling mat sends heat up evenly from the top of the heating mat and into your seedlings tray
due to the Insulation board barrier, the heat will not travel downwards only upwards making your
seed germination more noticeable so instead of having to wait to see which of your seedlings are
popping up because the heat is distributed evenly and all your seedlings will grow at the same time and start showing from the soil.

The temperature of soil for perfect germination

The average temperature you should keep the Propagation seedling mat at is a Maximum of between 20 to 25 degrees for perfect growth.
Keeping your plants warm in winter is the best thing you can do for them they will react in such a
good way from the warmth of your Propagation seedling heat mat also don’t forget to purchase a
A thermostat with your Heating mat will help you control the temperature as per what warmth
your seedling will need to stay warm and make their growth even better.

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Showing all 6 results