Mossel Bay

Welcome to JC Heat 2 Tile Mossel-Bay.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of underfloor heating and accessories to customers in Mossel-Bay.

Our DIY heating is so easy to install! therefore, Have a look through our online shop. We have a wide variety of heating solutions and accessories. You can browse and shop in our store with total peace of mind as it is HTTPS secure. You will find everything you need for your installation in our shop.

We deliver our products nationally and internationally. The prices you see in the online shop are for national delivery only. Hence, for international delivery, send us your shipping address and we will calculate the cost.

Our heating and thermostats are energy efficient. Hence, it will not cost you a lot to run. Underfloor heating is no longer a luxury item. Anyone can afford to install and use underfloor heating. Hence, there is no longer a reason to suffer through winter!

We have a video tutorial that will show you how to do your installation. It is so easy. Why pay an installer extra when you can do it yourself? There is also a video tutorial that explains how to set your digital thermostats.

We are on a wide variety of social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and more. You can WhatsApp or call us with any enquiries or questions.

We have been in business for many many years and have full confidence in the safety and efficiency of our heating products.

We look forward to doing business with you.

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Showing all 40 results