Welcome to JC HEAT 2 TILE we Manufacture and sell different types of Underfloor Heating mats
All in All, any type of Flooring is welcome we manufacture different sizes of our Underfloor Heating mats meaning they can fit into any room size that you have.
There are so many different ways Underfloor Heating can be used a lot of people think Underfloor Heating can only be installed under tiles and that is wrong Underfloor Heating can be installed under Carpets, Under Laminate wooden flooring, Under porcelain flooring as well as Stick down vinyl.

But that is not all we also Manufacture Undercarpet heating mats which are our Underfloor heating element protected by a layer of Aluminium foil.

Aluminium foil Heating

This type of system can be used in a variety of ways you can use this for home pets such as dogs and cats Under their beds, for incubation purposes, seedlings/propagation and trust me your kids will even love it our Undercarpet Heating system can be placed under a loose rug especially if you would like to use it for your kiddie’s tummy time or if they are bigger just to sit and relax on it.

our Undercarpet Heating system is very convenient when not doing renovations it can be used with a thermostat or a Plug and is easy to use and easy to install.
Our Mesh mats are also super easy to Install this is more for New renovations so if you are redoing your home this is the best time to install them.

How do I receive my products?

we courier locally and nationwide so feel free to order on our online shop or if you are not too sure you are welcome to order with us on Whatsapp where we can provide you with a Quotation in regards to what you will need for the areas that you want to Install our Underfloor Heating systems.
All in All Our Underfloor Heating system will 100% keep you and your family warm in winter.

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Showing all 30 results