Diy Floor Heating

Diy Floor Heating from JC Heat 2 Tile.

We manufacture D.I.Y heating for most types of flooring. Tiles, carpets and wooden flooring can all be heated. Our D.I.Y heating is extremely easy to install.

hence, why not do it yourself?

We have an online video tutorial that will give you a step-by-step visual guide on how to do your installation. This gives you as the customer, a clear guide as to how to install the product.

For tiles and wooden flooring, Firstly, you place the heating on the concrete slab of your floor. Secondly, if you choose, put a thin layering of screed over the heating to keep it in place. Lastly,  put your flooring on top of the heating.

with undercarpet heating, you place the heating on top of the underfelt. Stick the heating pad down with some masking tape. Cut a slit in the underfelt, by the connection block of the heater, so you can tuck the connection block under the underfelt.

As you can see, DIY floor heating is really really easy and hassle-free.

Our JHB office is at 111 Karavas Court. Cnr Beyers Naude & Lewisham Rd. Randburg. Johannesburg. Thus, you can buy products directly from our office. Please give us a call before coming through.

Our online shop is HTTPS secure. Therefore, all your shopping is done with peace of mind. We deliver nationally and internationally. Prices on the website include national delivery only. Hence, If you need international postage, send us your address and we will calculate the cost.

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