Cable fault locator


The cable fault locator is used to trace broken underfloor heating elements, electrical cables or wiring, beneath a floor surface or a wall.

The Cable Fault Tracer comes with a transmitter, receiver and rechargeable 12V battery. Hence, it can find the a broken cable by connecting the transmitter to a 12V battery. This sends a signal through the wire. Using the Locator machine ( Receiver: 9 volt battery ), follow the signal along the wire until it stops. This is where the break in the cable is. This machine is very easy to use and accurate.

It uses an audio signal. A spike in the audio signal shows the live cables position.  Thus, it easily finds faults with under floor heating. Furthermore, it  can follow any electrical wires under flooring.

Our cable fault locator can be purchased at our online shop. Our online shop is HTTPS secure. You can shop online with total peace of mind.

Our Johannesburg office is based at the following address: 111 Karavas Court. Cnr Beyers Naude Drv and Lewisham. Randburg.

We have stock of the cable fault locators and you are more than welcome to purchase them from our office if you are based in Johannesburg.

We post our products both nationally and internationally. Please note that our prices on the online shop include national delivery only. If you are based internationally, please send us the shipping address and we will calculate the cost of postage. Please remember to allow for extra delivery time with all international orders.

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