bathroom heater

Everyone should have a bathroom heater! This is the one place in your home that you will always feel the cold! Sometimes it is not possible to install underfloor heating in your bathrooms as the floor is already tiled, or you are renting etc. We have a solution for you!

Our infra red heater can be used as a cost effective bathroom heater.

Firstly, in a bathroom where it is not possible to install underfloor heating, our infra red heaters are the perfect solution. Secondly, these small heaters can be surface mounted on the bathroom wall.

The infra red heater is encased in a ceramic cover. These heaters can be switched on and used when necessary or you can attach them to a thermostat.

They reach a whopping 600 Degrees in only two minutes. Thus they are perfect when you want the bathroom to be heated whilst you take a shower or a bath.

There are two different heaters. One is a 1KW and the other is a 500Watt. The 1KW draws only 4.8 amps, and the 500Watts draws a mere 2.4 amps.

Thus, these heaters will cost you next to nothing to run.

Warning: These heaters reach a really high temperature. Thus, please ensure that they are installed out of the reach of children.

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