animal heating

We have the perfect product for any animal heating scenario.

What are the different types of heating that we can supply?:

We have loose laid underfloor cables, underfloor heating mats, under carpet heating mats and infra red heaters.

The loose laid elements are an element that you run along the surface you intend to heat, cover it with a blanket of hessian cloth and then seal it with a thin layer of screed. This heating can be used large animal enclosures.

Underfloor heating mats are made using the PTFE heating cable, that is then pre-woven into a mesh mat. This heating is really easy to install. It can be used under many different types of floor coverings in animal shelters and enclosures.

Under carpet heating mats are made using our PTFE heating cable, that is encased in a double sided aluminum foil. These heaters are perfect to use under carpets, or in exotic animal habitats. Because they are 100% waterproof, they are safe to use in any environment.

The infra red heaters are small infra red heaters that are sealed in a ceramic casing. These heaters reach a whopping 600 Degrees in only two minutes. Thus they are perfect for use in incubators and for infant animal enclosures as well.

We have a heating product for any animal need. Our heating can be used in outdoor or indoor animal housing. Hence we can accomodate any scenario.

All of our heating products are energy efficient. Thus they will not cost a lot to run.

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