Undertile Heating Accessories

Undertile Heating kits and accessories.

We supply a wide range of undertile heating kits and accessories.

Firstly, we have loose laid undertile heating cables, as well as, pre-woven undertile heating mats. Thus, we can cater for the extreme novice and professionals alike.

The loose laid undertile element is laid along the floor in a zigzag motion. You then cover the elements with a blanket of hessian. Lastly you apply a thin level of self levelling screed over the entire installation.

The pre-woven undertile heating mat is much easier for beginners. You roll, cut, flip and roll again forming a zig-zag along the floor. We have a video tutorial that shows you a step by step visual guide as to how to do this installation.

Our accessories range from thermostats, repair kits, break tracing equipment, Ferrel and heat-shrink kits and so much more.

The specialized break tracing machine that we manufacture is able to locate breaks in the element that is installed under the tiled floor. This works with audio frequency. You literally “hear” where the break in the cable is and then can lift only a few tiles to repair the element.

If you break the element during the installation process, we supply a kit containing Ferrels and heat-shrink. Simply join the broken element using the Ferrel and a crimper. Lastly use the heat-shrink to completely seal the join.

We also supply monitor boxes. You attach these to the heating whilst you are doing the flooring. If you accidentally break the element, it will ring a loud alarm to alert you that the element has been damaged. Thus, you can repair the break and then carry on installing the flooring.

Our company is your reliable one stop shop for any heating products that you need.


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Showing all 26 results