Underfloor Heating

Under floor Heating Diy, very easy to install !

 We at JC Heat 2 Tile specialize at providing underfloor heating under  any type of floor surface. Under tiles/porcelain, carpets, wood, screed and any natural stone, slate or marble in South Africa. We supply DIY  under tiles heating units and floor heating thermostats.

Our thermostats range from analogue to digital to programmable thereby satisfying the most diverse demand from our customers.

Our under floor heating system poses no harm/damage to any  floor surface nor to your price budget, health or environment. The lifespan durabilty of our undertile heating system lasts as long as your floors.

 Installing floor heating is the BEST durable investment you can make / add to your property and lifestyle.

 With a clean and neat installation of no more than 1 – 2mm thick under your floors, heat is distributed evenly throughout your room/s which is regulated by the sensory thermostat that you have preset for your comfort.

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Showing all 15 results