Thermostats for underfloor heating.

Thermostats fall into different categories and specs. It is important to understand these differences before selecting the product that is best suited to your needs. Let’s go through the main differences between thermostats.

Probe thermostats VS Air:

Probe thermostats read the surface temperature of the actual flooring that they are connected to. These are used under laminated wooden flooring (wood can not be heated above 28Degrees Celsius floor temperature), Cemcrete floors and when the thermostat is installed outside of the area that it is connected to (for instance in an en-suite bathroom where the thermostat is installed in the bedroom). These are also very effective in exotic animal terrariums. Basically, you can use them in any situation where the floor surface temperature needs to be controlled as opposed to the ambient air temperature.

An Air thermostat does exactly as its name says. It controls the ambient air temperature of the area that it is installed. Thus, if you set it to 25Degrees, it will ensure that the air temperature of the area stays at 25Degrees.

Digital VS Analogue:

Analogue thermostats are very straightforward. You set them via a dial and then leave them to regulate the temperature to what you have selected. A lot of people choose an analogue as there is very little that can go wrong with them. They are easy to install and very straightforward to operate.

A digital thermostat is a little computer. These smart devices, depending on the model you purchase, do an array of different things. Such as controlling what time of day they switch on, different temperatures, different days of the week they come on etc. A big bonus to these thermostats is that they save you quite a lot on your electricity bill. Due to the fact that you set them to only turn on when it is essential to run your heating, they are considered a cost-effective product. They are slightly more complex to install and set. However, we have step-by-step video tutorials that guide you through the process.

2×4/4×4 VS Surface mount

2×4/4×4 thermostats are designed to be mounted into a wall box that has direct lines from your DB board. These thermostats are used in new homes where provision for the underfloor heating controls has already been done, as well as in replacement scenarios of existing and old 2×4/4×4 thermostats.

Surface mount thermostats are literally surface mounted/stuck onto the wall surface. They draw their power from the nearest 3-pin powerpoint. These thermostats are used in scenarios where it is not possible to chase a box into the wall, or where the heating has to be installed as an after-market addition to an existing home.

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